Reach the full potential of your business with HPY Business Advisory Services

At HPY, we are defined by, and lead with, our “WHY”. Our reason for being is to help the business owners that we work with create the life they want to live. Providing accounting and tax services is a given for us; it’s not the main attraction!

Our suite of value-add services find their foundations in the following:

1. Monthly or Quarterly Mentoring – with an emphasis on Spotlight-powered virtual CFO analysis and insight, ensuring recurring and ongoing contact, discussions, and progress.

2. Advisory Boards – it can be lonely running your own business, and difficult to make decisions in absence of having someone to act as a soundboard. We put ourselves at the heart of your business allowing for robust, technical, creative decision-making.

3. KPI and Goal Setting – we broaden the discussion because we firmly believe that your business is merely a vehicle to help you achieve the life you want to live. We work with you to set personal goals, aligned to your business, unearthing what really matters to you.

4. Decision-making support – we are your on call, go-to people for all things business. And, if we can’t help, we know who can through our family of trusted business advisors operating across human resources, sales and marketing.

5. Strategic Planning – with action planning – because what’s a plan without the action! We help set the course and act as your guide throughout the process.

6. Scenario Planning – we stretch the thinking, look at the options and unearth opportunity.

7. Forecasting – we put discipline around future planning through the design of budgets and cashflow forecasts. We test the thinking and work with you to ensure that everyone is happy, including the bank!

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