HPY – Advisors on the East Coast

HPY is a modern business advisory firm specialising in accounting, tax, strategic risk and compliance management. We’re based in Tairāwhiti, Gisborne on the East Coast of New Zealand. We have a passion for supporting businesses on the East Coast by guiding them on the path to financial success.

Why Choose Us?

We get it DONE!

To put it simply, you won’t get any BS with us. We’ll listen and identify your objectives, requirements and vision and then we get to work to make it happen. We get results.


For us, transparency is a business priority. Transparency embodies honesty and open communication because to be transparent someone must be willing to share information when it is uncomfortable to do so.  Transparency also encompasses our commitment to our clients – to be upfront and visible about the actions we take, and whether those actions are consistent with our values.

We work WITH you!

At HPY when we engage with you, we treat your business as our own. We invest time and effort into ensuring your business succeeds. We’ll make sure you understand exactly how your business is performing and have all the information on hand to make smart business decisions. We like to think fast and move fast. We communicate in a way that makes sense to our clients – simple English with no complex terminology to confuse you.

We’re FUTURE focused!

In business, it’s critical to be thinking ahead. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a new day. So, why on earth do you review old data!? To be the best, you have to be prepared. Being prepared means having the right data in front of you so that you can make informed decisions and having a strong support team working with you who understand what’s important to you and how you can get there. At HPY we’re always looking at the big picture without neglecting the finer details. This means we’ll help you develop a complete strategic business plan that helps you prepare for the future, keeping your mind focused and your eyes on the prize.


Our team love to get down and dirty in your business processes, learning why you do things and how you do things with the aim of using technology to automate often painful accounting, bookkeeping and operational processes. We’re experts in Xero and multiple add-ons including Receipt Bank and Spotlight Reporting. This means we’re seated in perfect position to work alongside you to create efficient and lean processes in your business and get rid of those pesky piles of paperwork. Why do we love doing this? Because it’s aligned to how we like to work – which is with you. We also know that like us, you’d rather be with your clients so whatever you can do to ‘stop doing the doing’ you’ll do so that you can be creating and problem-solving with your customers and clients.

We EMPOWER our clients!

Quite simply, it’s about giving back. We’re not in this world for a long time and we believe that while we are lucky enough to be here, you should always be giving. Information is power and power is knowledge. Our business ethos is to empower everyone that we work with to be more literate – financially, strategically, and in business overall. We’ll give you the tools to be a master in your right with the simple goal of being that little bit better today than yesterday.


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